Technical University of Denmark

Department of photonics engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has over 220 employees and offers intl. Master Degrees in Photonics, Telecommunication, Physics and Nanotechnology, and graduates about 25 Ph.D. and 540 M.Sc. students per year, emphasizing education of highly skilled students with durable collaboration with industry.

DTU Fotonik’s main areas of research sections are Nanophotonics Light sources and Industrial Sensors Nonlinear Optics and Biophotonics Communication technology Each section consists of 3-4 research groups. There are 14 groups in total.

The Nanophotonic devices group headed by Prof Yvind participates in NETLAS and contributes with research on MEMS tuneable MEMS VCSELs for applications in optical coherence tomography. Devices are designed, fabricated and characterized at DTU.


Prof. Kresten Yvind

Dr Elizaveta Semenova


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