OCTLIGHT is high-tech company developing and selling VCSEL OCT Swept Laser to medtech companies, making it possible to do optical biopsies realtime and effortless with diagnostic power for the healthcare specialist.

OCTLIGHT is doing R&D on 1060 nm VCSEL and applications within OCT focused on biometry and retina diagnostics.

OCTLIGHT has expertise in:

  • VCSEL light source and OCT market
  • Semiconductors
  • Swept source and OCT testing

OCTLIGHT has developed a breadboard prototype of a OCT swept source for realtime 3D imaging (MHz A-scan rate)

Key Persons and Expertise

  • Dr Thor Ersted Ansbæk (Scientist in charge), CEO, has expertise in business, VCSEL light sources and OCT market. He has co-supervised Bsc and PhD students.
  • Dr Ane Jensen, Development Engineer, has expertise in semiconductors. 5 years postdoc at University of Copenhagen in single photon source for quantum cryptography.
  • MSc Nicolai Hagelund, Development Engineer, has experience in VCSELs and OCT Swept Sources.

Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

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  • ‘WAVELENGTH SWEEPABLE LASER SOURCE‘ Yvind, Ansbæk, Chung & Hansen, EP2883291A2 European Patent Office