PhD1: Andrei Anikeev

Host: Superlum Diodes 

PhD Project: High power Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) devices

Development of broadband, high-power, and tunable light sources for OCT, requires novel approaches to achieve wide bandwidth semiconductor lasers and amplifiers operating in a wide range of wavelengths. Novel in plane semiconductor sources and amplifiers will be developed, capitalizing on leading expertise at Tampere University and Superlum Diodes Ltd. In particular, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) with optical bands approaching 150 nm and high saturation powers will open novel avenues in a multitude of directions for the technology of swept sources. SUP seeks the improvement of their SOA bandwidth by:

a) concatenation of multiple quantum-well (MQW) structures with different, non-overlapping spectral gain peaks;

b) extending the anti-reflection coating bandwidth of SLDs chips;

c) modifying the geometry of the SLD chips.