PhD3: Philipp Tatar-Mathes

Host: Tampere University

Secondment: OCTLight

PhD Project: Broadband gain blocks for amplified swept source

In optically pumped membrane external-cavity surface emitting lasers (MECSELs), power scalability in to the WATT level is given while providing a high beam quality (M² ≈1.0). Also, yet uncovered wavelength ranges can be reached with this approach. The gain can be designed via choosing a constellation of different quantum well or quantum dot layers to cover a wide spectral range. Modern Fourier-domain OCT needs broadband coherent light sources with fast sweepable emission. MECSELs could provide these demands.

Previous education:  B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses at the Institute for Semiconductor Optics and Functional Interfaces (IHFG) at the University of Stuttgart, deep insight and understanding of the full fabrication procedure of semiconductor disk laser structures with different designs. Learned the complete experimental characterization methods. Currently PhD-student in Mircea Guina’s group at the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), at Tampere University, Finland.