RA3: Syed Farhan Ali Naqvi

Host : Innolume, Germany

Research topic: Tunable sampled grating (SG) distributed Bragg reflector laser diode for Optical Coherence Tomography

Recently, an akinetic swept source principle has been introduced to the OCT field. The wavelength tuning principle is based on the Vernier tuning effect and allows full electronic control of the sweep. Since no mechanical elements are employed, linear tuning with high reproducibility can be ensured even at high tuning speeds of several hundred kHz. The basic laser structure is a multi-section Sampled Grating Distributed Bragg Reflector (SGDBR) laser diode. The 20-30nm wavelength range is achievable with quantum well designs that are standard at INNO. I am working on the development of the next generation SGDBR, with increased tuning range at Innolume GmbH.

Professional Experience

Researcher: I have worked as a researcher in optical engineering department at Sejong university from 2021-2023. My role also involves the designing and fabrication of catheters comprised of micro fiber-based lens and gold mirrors. In addition to the development of swept laser source for OCT, I have also got the opportunity to work on the Optical wireless charging project using SOA and EYDFA as gain mediums & Retroreflector based integrated Photovoltaic cells as the receiver to wirelessly transfer the power up to 30 meters range.  

Academic Background:

Master’s Degree (2021-2023): Optical Engineering, Sejong University (South Korea)
Master’s Thesis:
Development of swept laser source with a wide band tuning range (200 nm) for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
 Bachelor’s Degree (2015-2019):
Electrical Engineering, Comsats University Islamabad (Pakistan) 2015-2019