PhD12: Sacha Grelet

Host: NKT Photonics 

Secondment: University of Kent, Applied Optics Group (AOG)

PhD Project: Time Stretched Pulse Supercontinuum (SPSC) swept laser source

During the last years, the progress in All-Normal Dispersion (ANDi) fiber manufacturing lead to a new technique to generate low-noise supercontinuum sources. These broadband lasers can be used in Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) systems to get high resolution and high sensitivity imaging. Another technique called time-stretch allows overcoming one of the bottlenecks of OCT: the lack of high speed, high sensitivity detector and digitizers. In this project, we aim to build low noise, near-visible IR sources that combine the strength of the ANDi Supercontinuum and Time Stretch to improve the capabilities of OCT systems.


Sacha obtained his engineering degree from Telecom Saint Etienne (France) with a major in Photonics and minors in Computer Science and Image Processing. He spent his fifth year at the University of Laval (Québec, Canada) to specialize in laser science and nonlinear effects in fiber optics. To complete his education in this field, he did a six months internship at Alphanov (Bordeaux, France) on the design of stable passively mode-locked fiber laser.