PhD13: Alejandro Martinez Jimenez

Host: University of Kent, Applied Optics Group (AOG)

Secondments: NKT Photonics, CenterVue

PhD Project: NPR laser followed by time stretch

The nonlinear polarization rotation (NPR) technique developed by Matsas, is a powerful tool for the generation of pico-femtosecond pulses. In the other hand, time stretch is data acquisition method that overcomes the speed limitation of electronic digitizers and enables continuous ultrafast single-shot spectroscopy, imaging and other measurements at refresh rates reaching billions of frames per second with non-stop recording spanning trillion of consecutive frames. In my project, we develop NPR at different bands of the spectrum and with different repetition rate we can achieve large improvements in different systems, so combine the NPR tool with time stretch technology, to enhance the performance in systems like OCT, microscopy, cytometry.

Education: Bachelor’s degree Physical Sciences at the University of Murcia, and it was here that I found my motivation to work in visual optics, participating in Pablo Artal’s group. The following year I started an interuniversity master’s degree in photonics with the participation of the University of Barcelona, Polytechnic of Catalunya, Autonoma of Barcelona (UB, UPC, UAB) and the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) where I was able to learn from the world top researchers (Prof. Dr. Maciej Lewenstein, Prof. Dr Niek Van Hulst, Prof. Dr. María García-Parajo, Prof. Dr. Frank Koppens, Prof. Dr. Jens Biegert) in different fields such as non-linear optics, ultrafast, biophotonics.

Master thesis work was on correlations with the HBT interferometer, presenting “Generation of artificial thermal sources and their characterization by intensity interferometry