Superlum Diodes Limited

Superlum Diodes is a world leading commercial manufacturer of SLD technology, and has been a pioneer in the development of SLDs. Our product line includes not only SLD light sources, but also broadband light sources, semiconductor optical amplifiers and tunable lasers. Superlum has over 400 industrial and academic customers in more than 30 countries around the world. We are a commercially successful, dynamic company; we are steadily increasing our share of the photonics market by developing innovative ideas and exploiting that innovation through the use of solid business strategies.

Superlum Diodes develop and manufacture:

  • Low coherent Light Sources based on SLED modules with special Driving Electronics
  • Superluminescent Light Emitting Diode (SLED) Modules covering the spectral range of 650 – 1620 nm
  • Broadband SLD based light sources and customized versions of the above products
  • Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers  at 800 – 1100 nm spectral band
  • Tunable/swept lasers

Superlum development facility in Cork has a full set of equipment to conduct electro-optical performance evaluation including RF and optical spectrum analysers, SM and PM fiber splicers, optical power meters, screening stations, commercial and in-house drivers and temperature controllers. The lab area is equipped to run a detailed analysis of packaged and chip-level SLD, LD and SOA devices. We have equipment for environmental device testing in different temperature regimes. The Superlum staff in Carrigtwohill, Co Cork has a vast experience in developing and servicing broadband light sources with integrated driving electronics.

Within NETLAS project, Superlum research will be focused on the development high power Master Oscillator (MOPA) superluminescent diode  light source and the research on the swept sources at 850 nm band based on acousto-optic tunable filter technology with the extremely narrow linewidth.


Dr Alexander Chamorovskiy

Dr Vladimir Shidlovski

Mr. Gerry O’Shaughnessy